Mobile Auto Services

Mobile Car Service & Maintenance

North East England A2Z: Areas Covered

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Mobile Car Services

Car Service Areas Covered

  • NE1: Newcastle City Centre
  • NE2: Jesmond and Sandyford
  • NE3: Gosforth & Fawdon
  • NE4: Fenham & Wingrove
  • NE5: Westerhope
  • NE6: Byker,Heaton & Walker
  • NE7: Benton & High Heaton
  • NE8: Bensham & Gateshead
  • NE9: Low Fell & Springwell
  • NE10: Felling,Leam Lane & Pelaw
  • NE11: Team Valley & Metro Centre
  • NE12: Killingworth & Forest Hall
  • NE13: Dinnington & Wideopen
  • NE15: Lemington & Throckley

Mobile valeting, paint, upholstery & body repair services for the Tyneside area

Auto Electrician

Service and Repair

  • NE16: Sunniside & Whickham
  • NE17: Chopwell
  • NE18: Stamfordham
  • NE20: Darras Hall & Ponteland
  • NE21: Blaydon & Winlaton
  • NE22: Bedlington
  • NE23: Cramlington
  • NE24: Blyth,Cowpen & Newsham
  • NE25: Monkseaton & Seaton Delaval
  • NE26: Seaton Sluice & Whitley Bay
  • NE27: Shiremoor & West Allotment
  • NE28: Battle Hill & Wallsend
  • NE29: North Shields Tyres
  • NE30: Cullercoats & Tynemouth

Specialist car servicing including: changing timing belts, brake pads and discs

Audi Garage Services

Newcastle Audi

Audi Oil & Filter Change, Braking system servicing, exhaust parts fitted

NE1:Audi Garage Services Newcastle

Bumper Repair

Bumper Scuff Repairs

Retouching car body scratches and repairs to plastic bumpers

NE12:Mobile Body Repairs Killingworth

Car Repairs

North East Mobile Car Body Repairs

Paint Scuffs on Side Panels, Doors and Wing Mirrors
It's quite common to find side panel damage after a shopping trip or stay in a busy car park. With limited room for door opening; it's easy for someone to misjudge the space available and cause scuffs to doors and wing mirrors while exiting or climbing into their car. Most damage caused by car doors opening and closing is avoided by door trims but variations in trim positin and door shape means that sometimes car doors cause small scuffs and an occasional dent that can be retouched by a mobile paintshop specialising in SMART repairs while avoiding the cost and downtime of a trip to the local bodyshop

Alloy Wheel Kerbing - Repairing Wheel Scuffs Without Removing The Wheel or Tyre
This is becoming more of a problem as road conditions worsen with potholes and Winter damage going unrepaired combined with the trend for low profile road tyres and wide alloy rims. The good news is that kerbing and minor cosmetic scuffs to alloy wheels can be repaired in-situ at home most of the time without having to remove the tyre, although when several wheels are affected it may be more convenient tto have all the alloy wheels stripped and refinished

Parking Damage to Bumpers: Scuffs and Cracks
Providing bumper damage is caused by low impact bumps that are typical of reversing and parking damage where the bumper scrapes against a high kerb, barrier or bollard then a SMART repair should be enough in most cases. Bumper cracks can be plastic welded, deep gouges can be filled and paint colour matched to the existing black or body-coloured bumper with isolated retouching without having to remove the bumper or carrying out a full bumper respray

Brake Pads and Discs Replaced Newcastle

North East Brake Pads & Discs

One of the easier jobs for a mobile mechanic: changing worn brake pads at home or work

Car Servicing Newcastle to North Shields

Oil and Filter Change

Another "At Home"" job: changing the engine oil and filters as part of a routine service

Diagnostic Testing Cramlingto to Blyth

Car Diagnostic Testing

The reasons for a poor engine start or no start can be checked by an autoelectrician using OBD testing