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Tyres NE29, North Shields Tyres: Part Worn Tyres and New Tyres for Cars,4X4 and Vans

North Shields Tyres For Sale

You don't always need to buy new cheap tyres to get value for money. A new tyre typically has 8mm depth while the UK legislation states a legal minimum of 1.6mm; meaning the useable tyre tread is only 6.4mm.


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Repair On Request

Many drivers prefer to have their car regularly serviced and maintained but some drivers prefer to book a garage in North Shields only when there is something wrong and prefer local mechanics just to quote for the job requested and advise on any other problems identified


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New Oil and Oil Filter

One of the routine jobs every car needs is a regular oil and filter change. Not everyone drives a high performance engine running on synthetic lube oil. Most car owners could probablyy get a good level of engine protection with a recommended multigrade oil and fresh filters


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Paint Scrapes and Scuffs

It's all too easy to get small scrapes and scuffs on car body work and they usually look worse than they are: The good news is that many minor scrapes and even bumper cracks can be repaired in Shiremoor without having to send your car into the body shop for a respray and repairs can be carried out at your home


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Parking Damage to Bumpers

Most body repairs usually involve some form of parking damage or damage caused while moving slowly in wet or icy weather. Once the damage becomes serious such as from a road traffic accident then repairs are usually handled via an insurance claim and beyond the remit of routine maintenance. Parking damage most of involves reversing into a hidden, low level obstruction that cause paint scuffing, the occasional gouge that must be filled and well defined cracks; all of which can be repaired on your doorstep


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Cosmetic Repairs to Bodywork and Bumpers

Trips to the supermarket and parking in busy car parks can result in small scratches and dents that aren't your fault but look unsightly. Body Repair Centres can charge a a lot for the extent of the damage. Another option would be to get a quote from a mobile body repair specialist who can repair just the damaged area quite cheaply


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Brake Pad and Disc Replacement

When you hear that awful sound of metal on metal you know you've left it a bit too long to have your brake pads change. Worn pads have minimal stopping power and can score deep grooves into your brake discs. Get them checked regularly before they wear too much. Air in the hydraulic fluid can cause spongey brakes


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Pre MOT Car Servicing: Filters and Brakes

Routine maintenance tasks include changing the vehicle filters (air intake, pollen, oil and fuel), replacing the engine oil and ensuring hydraulic fluid levels are maintained. Brake pads, discs and the pipes should also be checked and replaced as appropriate


Cars NE7, Benton and High Heaton:Oil and Filter Change,Timing Belt,Bumper Retouching,Cars for Sale

Oil and Filter Replacement

As part of the routine preventative servicing it's worth getting the oil and filters changed as recomended in the service manual for your vehicle. Filters get blocked with dust and small particles while the oil scavenging additives that protect against moisture and corrosion eventually get used up


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Used Car Bodywork

Cars used regularly suffer from the ravages of driving: small scratches, stone chips, reversing scuffs are all external signs of a car that has been used regularly. Major bodywork damage may need a trip to the garage to repair but most of the usual body repairs could be carried out on your drive by the equivalant of a mobile bodyshop experienced in handling spot repairs in the Gosforth area


Cars NE2, Jesmond and Sandyford Car Service and Maintenance: Brakes, Timing Belts, Clutch Replacement

Car Servicing and Maintenance NE2

Diagnostic Testing When you hear that awful sound of metal on metal you know you've left it a bit too long to have your brake pads change. Worn pads have minimal stopping power and can score deep grooves Many intermittent electrical faults and "Check Engine Light" Faults require specialist diagnostic equipment to read fault codes and identify the system causing a problem


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