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Audi Mechanic Newcastle

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Independant Audi Garage for Newcastle Upon Tyne

Audi Fault Diagnosis
We handle all kinds of Audi maintenance and repair problems including diagnostic testing to discover electrical faults, replacing relays, sensors and light clusters

Audi Brake Servicing
If you want the brake system bleeding, new pads and discs or other routine Audi maintenance tasks carried out we will be happy to provide a quote

Audi Diesel Servicing
Specialist tasks such as replacing diesel glow plugs to cure poor engine start, O2 Sensors for poor air mix ratio and timing system servicing are all handled in-house

Audi Body Repairs
Full bodyshop services for chassis straightening, bumper replacement and most Audi crash damage repairs

Audi Brakes Newcastle

Audi Brake Discs & Pads

Audi maintenance and servicing including replacement brake pads and discs for most Audi petrol & diesel cars

Audi EGR Valves

Audi EGR Valves

Cleaning and replacement of blocked or inefficient EGR valves for improved performance and fuel economy

Audi Diagnostic Testing

Audi Fault Codes

Audi Diagnostic testing to find and repair most auto-electrical faults and reset service lights for Newcastle Audi

Audi Perormance Servicing

Independant Audi Garage Newcastle

Audi History:A.Horch & Cie
Audi had a chequered start when August Horch first set up "A.Horch & Cie" but was later forced to leave the company after a disagreement. By 1909 he had started a second company but after a legal battle for the right to use his name failed due to trademark with his former company

Horch Becomes Audi
Unable to trade using the "Horch" family name; story has it that the son of one of his close colleagues was studying latin and came up with the link between the german "Hark" (Horch) and latin "Audire" (To Listen) - The new name was accepted instantly and used to brand the first Audi Type B in the first half of 1910

Volkswagen AG have had almost total ownership of Audi since 1966 when they completed their systematic purchasing of "Auto Union" from "Daimler-Benz"

Audi A Series Car Models

Audi A1 - An Urban Legend
Supermini economy car models first introduced in 2010 using the same framework as the Seat Ibiza and VW Polo, designed as an urban get about to compete with the likes of the Mini and small Alpha Romeo MiTO

Audi A3 - A Robust Family Car
The small family car, Audi A3 has been available since 1996 and has gone through several redesign and cosmetic changes

Audi A4 - Business Class
The compact executive class Audi A4 burst onto the scene it has developed into a a car praised for its legroom and storage capacity when the chassis wheelbase and length were increased for the 2008 Model onwards

Audi A5 - Not Just for Compact Executives
Not really sure how you would designate a company ceo as a compact executive but the 2007 introduction of the Audi A5 brought a new credibility to the Audi family with the A5 receiving many rave reviews from the automotive cogniscenti

Audi A6 - Executive Class
Taking over the mantle from the Audi 100 introduced in 1994, it increased its overall size for the 2011 model which was followed by an electric version in 2012

Audi A7 - Sporting Executive
The Audi A7 takes executive class performance to the next level in its sportback version winning International Car of the Year for 2012

Audi A8 - An Eyecatching Luxury Sedan
The 2009 model used the Audi aluminium space frame construction to make the Audi A8 one of the lightest 4WD luxury cars to hit our roads

Audi Servicing in Newcastle
From the A-Series Audis to the sporty TTs, Pitstop service and repair most Audi Cars here on the edge of Newcastle City Centre. They have the tools to repair bodywork, investigate Audi fault codes and handle most mechanical repairs