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Audi Garage

Audi Newcastle

Audi Brake Servicing, Diagnostics and Repair, Newcastle

NE1:Audi Services Newcastle

Citroen Garage

Citroen Newcastle

Citroen Repairs and Specialist Services for Newcastle and Gateshead

NE1, NE8:Citroen Servicing Newcastle

Honda Garage

Honda Newcastle

Honda Servicing, Exhausts and brake replacement Newcastle

NE1:Honda Servicing Newcastle

Renault Garage

Renault Newcastle

Renault Repairs, Filter Change and Diagnostic Testing Newcastle

NE1:Renault Specialist Newcastle

Skoda Garage

Skoda Newcastle

Skoda Brake Discs and Pads Fittted Newcastle

NE1:Skoda Maintenance Newcastle

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Used Car Bodywork

Professional valet and paintwork retouching to add used car value

NE12:Used Car Repairs Killingworth

Car Servicing

Important Regular Maintenance Tasks for Car Owners That Take a Few Minutes

Check Oil and Oil Filter
If your car is in good condition then every few weeks check the engine oil level with your car parked on a level road surface and replace the engine oil and oil filter every 5,000 miles or so. Engine oils have improved greatly so they probably don't need replacing every 3,000 miles as used to be recommended but they do contain chemicals that help keep the engine in good condition and those chemicals get used up long before the oil stops lubricating

Check Hydraulic Fluids
The brake fluid level will naturally drop as the brake pads begin to wear but should remain within the max-min levels if there are no leaks, air-locks or moisture ingress. Your owners manual will tell you which components have hydraulic systems that should be monitored so check the chamber levels remain normal and within tolerance. Change the hydraulic fluids according to manufacturers recommended guidelines. If levels need to be topped up regularly then there could be a leaking pipe, joint seal or cylinder

Check Air and Fuel Filters
The air filter can be inspected visually; a dirty filter will force the engine to struggle for air and if air-flow is severely impeded it will negatively impact performance. Fuel filters too can get blocked with fine debris and sometimes water so should be replaced if dirty or as recommended. You may find if you change diesel fuel for instance from standard diesel to bio-diesel the fuel filter starts to block as bio-diesel can have a detergent cleaning action on the pipes and fuel tank meaning that more debris pass into the filter

Keep An Eye on Tyre Pressures and Tread
Under inflated tyres often wear at the outside edge while over-inflated tyres wear along a middle track as the tyre balloons slightly. Check tyre pressure regularly and if kept correctly inflated you will spot problems with alignment faster if tyres begin to wear unevenly

Check Brakes for Wear and Corrosion
Wear indicators built into some pads make a noise when brake pads are wearing a little thin while many cars are now fitted with sensors that warn of brake wear. It doesn't hurt to go "old school" and check the pads and discs visually every few months for signs of wear. Change pads and discs as required

Drive Belt Checks: V Belts and Flat Belts
You may not be able to see all the drive belts but check those you can see to ensure they aren't cracked or fraying. Replace according to manufacturers guidelines as a snapped belt can cause considerable damage

Timing Belt Change: Toothed Timing Belts
The timing belt is usually hidden and a visual inspection won't usually give any indication that its due for replacement. Instead rely on recommended belt replacement intervals for your make and model. If you bought a car second-hand and don't know if the belt has been changed then it's worth getting it done ASAP especially if the car has 50,000 to 70,000 miles on the clock or something over 110,000 miles. If a timing belt snaps on an interference engine then considerable damage can be done to the valves and pistons as they collide

Check Rubber Pipes and Seals
Flexible pipes and gasket seals degrade with heat and time; check pipes and seals for signs of brittleness, cracks or leaks and avoid expensive repairs caused by fluid contamination

When To Replace Windscreen Wipers
The thin blades that clear rain from your windscreen can split, wear or become brittle. If your wiper bladeds don't clear across their full width and especially within your normal viewing area then have them replaced. The last thing you need in poor driving conditions is avoidable, poor visibility that could cause an accident. New wiper blades only cost a few pounds and are easy to replace at home

Screen Wash
Don't just use a dash of household detergent as most washing up liquids contain salt and don't have the solvent capabilities to cut through road grime while preventing your water freezing overnight in cold weather. Instead go for a good quality cleaning fluid that helps cut through dirt and road grime without freezing in icy weather. Follow the instruction for dilution as it tends to be more concentrated in Winter to avoid freezing and help deal with road salt sparay that drys and blocks your view

Check for Corrosion Around Battery Terminals and Electrical Connectors
Many battery and starting problems can be avoided or greatly reduced by checking on corrosion of exposed electrical contacts that may resist or prevent current flow. Minute cracks in brittle or damaged electrical insulation can result in sparks tracking to Earth and preventing the power going where it is needed

Check Bulbs
Bulbs tend to fail fairly regulary as the small filament burns out or snaps. Many modern cars will tell you if a bulb is blown but once per week go round your car and check that all the bulbs are working correctly. If same light tends to blow a bulb regularly it could be a problem with a loose or corroded bulb housing otherwise consult an auto electrician who will check for an electrical fault. Sometimes the problem can be a microswitch in the indicator/headlight control stem wearing

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