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Cracked Bumper

Car Maintenance & Detailing NE12 - West Moor, Killingworth & Forest Hall

Pre MOT Car Servicing: Filters and Brakes
Routine maintenance tasks include changing the vehicle filters (air intake, pollen, oil and fuel), replacing the engine oil and ensuring hydraulic fluid levels are maintained. Brake pads, discs and the pipes should also be checked and replaced as appropriate

Timing Belts and Fan Belts
Manufacturers recommend changing belts at set times/distance to ensure belts are replaced before they are likely to cause problems. Abrasion and wear can occur sooner the listed and should be checked regulary to avoid problems with a snapped belt damaging valves and engine components

Exhaust Systems
Modern car systems monitor engine temperature and unused oxygen (lambda sensor) to maintain efficiency. Things do go wrong occasionaly, especially when the catalytic convertor is nearing the end of its life

MOT Test
Providing general maintenance work is carried out when required, there's no reason why your car shouldn't pass its MOT first time, even with older vehicles

Faulty Glow Plug

Diesel Glow Plugs

Old glow plugs can cause poor engine start and may need replacing for better performance

Skoda Brake Pads and Discs Newcastle

Boot and CV Joint Replaced

CV Joints need protecting and if the cover splits can fill with dirt and corrode

Audi Pads and Discs Replaced

Audi Brake Servicing

Old brake pads replaced and braking system serviced including hydraulic fluid as required

Citroen Body Repairs

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How Spark Plugs Work
The basic principle is straightforward: High voltage electricity (40,000 to 100,000 Volts) jumps across a gap to create a spark that can be used to ignite a mixture of fuel and oxygen. In order to get the spark in just the right place; the plug is insulated to prevent electricity from discharing anywhere except at the tip where the positive and negative electrodes are at their closest

Spark Plugs Not Working
The plug has to withstand high temperatures and an oxidising environment that can corrode the tip. If carbon deposits, oily soot and too much oxidation builds up at the gap then the additional electrical insulation may prevent the plug sparking

Plastic Welding a Cracked Bumper in West Moor, Killingworth or Forest Hall
Reversing damage is a common problem, as are bumper scuffs when someone accidentally scrapes your bumper in the shopping centre car park with a shopping trolley. Usually the damage is mainly cosmetic and bumpers can easily be plastic welded, filled and retouched at your home without having to visit a body shop.If you live in the West Moor, Killingworth or Forest Hall area and would like a FREE quote from a local specialist just get in touch with Kevin-> SMART Repair Specialist

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