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Wheel Repairs

Automotive Services NE2: Jesmond and Sandyford

Diagnostic Testing
When you hear that awful sound of metal on metal you know you've left it a bit too long to have your brake pads change. Worn pads have minimal stopping power and can score deep grooves Many intermittent electrical faults and "Check Engine Light" Faults require specialist diagnostic equipment to read fault codes and identify the system causing a problem

Brake System Servicing
Replacing corroded brake pipe fittings and system bleeding to remove trapped air; also new brake discs fitted and hydraulic fluid levels adjusted for a correctly functioning braking system

Steering Systems
Adjusting wheel tracking to correct misaligned wheels causing rapid and uneven tyre wear. Replacing CV joint covers and checking of steering rack

MOT Testing Services Jesmond and Sandyford
By combining an annual car service with MOT test you can help ensure your car can pass the MOT first time as well as helping to ensure the car is good for another year

Honda Brake Pads and Discs Newcastle

Honda Brake Pads & Discs

Routine servicing of Honda brake systems to replace worn pads, discs and hydraulic fluid

Replacement Springs

Suspension Springs Replaced

Snapped or badly corroded suspension springs & broken shock absorbers replaced

Diesel Engine Repairs

Diesel Engine Glow Plugs

Poor engine start: old glow plugs replaced and diesel ignition problems repaired

Nissan Repairs

Jesmond Automotive Services

Car Alternators Replaced or Refurbished
There is usually a belt that connects your engine to the alternator: As you drive the alternator acts as a dynamo to create electricity for the car electrical system with surplus electrical energy used to recharge your battery. Battery problems may mean you have a faulty starter motor that may need replacing or refurbished

Head Gasket Problems
The cylinder head is a specially moulded cover that fits on top of the engine block to cover the cylinders. The cylinder head gasket acts as a seal to fill any imperfections where the 2 surface meet and prevents oil from leaking. If the cylinder head gasket needs to be replaced then you may need a set of special bolt that help achieve the correct sealing pressure without warping or damaging the head

Car Paint Scuffs and Scratches: Body Repairs Jesmond
Light surface scratches around wheel arches, car door handles and bumper corners can usually be retouched by a mobile body repair specialist covering Jesmond and Sandyford on your doorstep or workplace to avoid the trouble of leaving your car at a garage or bodyshop and can usually save money by only repairing the damaged area rather than a whole bumper or car body panel

Timing Belt Replacement Service
Recommendations for when to change the timing belt vary between manufacturers and typically range from 60,000 to 80,000 miles but the risk associated with a snapped cambelt causing engine damage make it sensible to stick to the manufacturers guidelines for your car. Depending upon your average annual miles you may find that a timing belt change isn't quite due when your car is in for service with a local Jesmond-Sandyford garage or mobile mechanic but will be overdue by next service; ask for a quote to change it anyway as they're already working on your car and see if it makes sense to change it now rather than booking it in again just to change the timing belt

Car Services Gosforth

Gosforth Vehicles

Head along the Great North Rd past via West Jesmond or head towards South Gosforth
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Benton Cars

Drop down past the Freeman Hospital and head up Benton Pk Rd or swing up Benton rd past High Heaton
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Byker Automotive

Head towards Sandyford & Shieldfield then along past Byker Bridge or go via Chillingham Rd past Heaton
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