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Cracked Bumper

Car Service and Repair NE23: Cramlington, Burradon and Annitsford

Brake Pad and Disc Replacement
When you hear that awful sound of metal on metal you know you've left it a bit too long to have your brake pads change. Worn pads have minimal stopping power and can score deep grooves into your brake discs. Get them checked regularly before they wear too much. Air in the hydraulic fluid can cause spongey brakes

Engine Oil and Filter Change
When you're ready to change the engine oil and oil filter, consider changing the cabin filter as they often get blocked with fine dust. Same goes for the air filter as a blocked filter can cause the engine to struggle as it tries to suck in air

Exhaust Parts
Even stainless steel exhausts wear out eventually and there is no mistaking the sound of a holed exhaust change the worn part or if you think thats just the start then replace the whole exhaust system for peace of mind. Lambda sensors too, need replacing eventually

MOT Testing Cramlington
If you check on the essential elements ahead of time then you can be pretty confident that your car will pass its MOT Test first time and you'll not wast time on MOT retesting

Valeting Cramlington

Cramlington Car Valeting and Refurbishment

Cosmetic Repairs to Sell Your Car Quickly (or Keep it a Bit Longer Because it's Now Too Good to Sell)
Many of the body marks that build up over time such as scratches from hedges and bushes while parking or trolley dents where a careless shopper has hit and run can be taken care of quite quicly with a professional valet to restore the paintwork and professional paint retouching carried out ath the same time. You never know; when your car looks as good as new you might want to keep it for another year or two. If you live or work in the Cramlington area and would like a cost estimate to retouch your car paintwork, repair damage to interior vinyl trims and carry out a professional valet then ask for a FREE quote

Tyre Repairs Cramlington

Puncture Repairs
One of the hazards of driving is that, at some point, you're likely to get a puncture on a good tyre that can be repaired rather than replaced. Occasionally the valve housing can leak or the wheel rim can corrode, creating a small fissure for air to escape. Most of the time the problem is a sharp object puncturing through the tyre tread. Such punctures can usually be repaired relatively easily and at low cost

Skoda Brake Pads and Discs Newcastle

Skoda Brake Discs & Pads

Skoda Servicing: Brake parts replaced including, pads, discs, pipes and hydraulic brake fluid

CV Joints NE23

CV Joint & Boot

Replacement of damaged protective CV Boot covers and corroded CV joints on most cars

Clutch Replacement

Clutch Repair Cramlington

A slipping clutch could mean that the friction plates have worn down and a new clutch assembly is needed

Ford Body Repairs

Cramlington Automotive Services:Warning Lights

Check Engine
If this stays on once the car is running then it usually means there is a problem somewhere in the engine management system - Fault code reading can help identify the systems causing the problem

Oil Level
Not surprisingly, chances are that you're leaking oil from somewhere and the oil level has dropped sufficiently to trigger the sensor

Battery Light
Problems with th battery usually split into 2 types: The battery is not holding its charge and needs replacing or the alternator may have failed so that the battery is not being recharged. Corroded terminals can sometimes be a problem and are usually easy to spot

Brake Warning Light
Problems with the brake system usually result from worn brakes, hydraulic leaks or water/air in the system

ABS Warning Light
This is slightly different to the brake warning light as it suggests a problem with the system that helps prevent locking your brakes and causing a skid. A sensor usually releases your brakes just as the car is about to skid

Engine Temperature Warning Light
When the engine overheats there is a serious risk of the engine seizing. Pull over and call for assistance if the light comes on. It may be due to insufficient coolant, leaking system, corrosion or a failed cooling fan

Diesel Particulate Filter
Some diesels are fitted with a filter that helps reduce soot emissions. This particulate filter can block or need replacing

Car Services West Moor

West Moor Services

Annitsford, Camperdown or go Dudley and Camperdown. The easiest route into West Moor is probably taking the direct A189
West Moor Cars

Car Servicing Blyth

Blyth Car Services

Use Laverock Hall Rd to cut across to the Coast via South Newsham and Broadway into Blyth or the A189 onto Cowpen Rd
Blyth Cars

Car Services Shiremoor

Shiremoor Car Services

Use the A19 coming off at West Allotment then head into Shiremoor or the back roads via Seaton Delaval and South Wellfield
Shiremoor Cars