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Car Repairs Including Bodywork, Mechanical and Electrical

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Cracked Bumper

Car Repair Services NE24

Cosmetic Repairs to Bodywork and Bumpers
Trips to the supermarket and parking in busy car parks can result in small scratches and dents that aren't your fault but look unsightly. Body Repair Centres can charge a a lot for the extent of the damage. Another option would be to get a quote from a mobile body repair specialist who can repair just the damaged area quite cheaply

Replacement Tyres and Exhausts
There are some routine jobs such as tyre repairs that don't cost a fortune, however, when you want to get new car tyres ore a stainless steel exhaust system it might be worth assessing whether to replace 2 tyres, 4 tyres or get a new spare too for a matching set. Exhausts may only need a single section replaced such as the box or manifold rather than a complete exhaust

Oil and Filter Replacement
Moder cars often go about 7000 to 10000 miles between oil changes so its worth making sure to use a good quality engine oil with additives to scrub moisture, disperse sludge and protect the engin from acidic combustion product that can cause rapid corrosion

MOT Test Blyth
Look out for the obvious problems like a worn tyre or broken light housings that will cause an obvious MOT failure

Replacement Car Springs Blyth

Snapped Springs Replaced

Tapered suspension springs often need replacing when small areas of corrosion snap the sprung steel

Reversing Damage Repairs Blyth

Minor Bumper Repairs

Not all collisions involve insurance claims, sometimes a small bummper scuff or crack needs repairing

Repairs to Lease Vehicles

Lease Vehicle Maintenance

End of lease cars need to be returned; you can save a cost penalty with valeting and scratch retouching

Citroen Body Repairs

Blyth, Newsham and Cowpen Car Services

Getting The Best Deal When Selling Your Car - Tidying Your Car to Sell
Imagine you're going to buy this car; what's going to make you spend the cash on this one rather than a similar model elsewhere? There's no real secret to selling a car, buyers want value-for-money and if yours is a similar price to others with lower mileage or it looks better and smells fresh then the viewer will get a good feeling before it's even started. Think about having an upholstery damage or dashboard scuffs repaired after all you may need to spend a little to gain a lot

Getting The Best Deal When Buying a Used Car Privately - Get A Quote to Refurbish a Grubby Car
Think of what might put you off buying a car. Now, I'm not talking about a car that won't start, sounds noisy or handles badly but a car that has been looked after and is just starting to look a little tired. Maybe it needs a new tyre or the front nearside alloy is kerb scuffed. A few key scratches and small tear in the dashboard vinyl. Many cosmetic elements can be easily damaged on a family car & can drop the price of a car dramatically because the new owners want a perfect car. If you can save £500 or more on similar models and spend £150 on a top end professional valet and cabin repairs or paint repair then you can buy a great used car around Blyth, Cowpen or Newsham without any mechanical or electrical problems and add value after purchase with work carried out by a local cosmetic repair specialist

Getting A Free Quote for Mobile Car Repairs in Blyth
Once you've spotted a car that you can buy and add value to then get an estimate to carry out the cosmetic repairs before purchase and you'll know your bargain budget

Replacement Tyres Blyth

Popular Tyre Sizes
Availability from stock for new car tyres depends largely on the size as even popular wheel rim sizes such as 14 inch or 15 inch still offer a number of variations. If you have low profile or 4x4 tyres then you may need to order ahead to get a quote and ensure your tyre size is in stock

How to Read Your Tyre Size
Take a popular tyre such as 185/55 R15:The "185" refers to the tyre width, the "55" tells you the aspect ratio, the "r" means it's a radial tyre while the "15" indicates a wheel rim of 15 inches

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Use the A193 via Cowpen and join the A189 down to the Cramlington turnoff or Broadway, Newsham & New Delaval
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Bedlington Car Services

From Blyth, Stay on the A193 through Cowpen, Bebside and up Horton Rd to Bedlington
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