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Jaguar Alloy Wheel Repairs

Mobile Auto Body Repairs Whitley Bay & Seaton Sluice

Parking Damage to Bumpers
Most body repairs usually involve some form of parking damage or damage caused while moving slowly in wet or icy weather. Once the damage becomes serious such as from a road traffic accident then repairs are usually handled via an insurance claim and beyond the remit of routine maintenance. Parking damage most of involves reversing into a hidden, low level obstruction that cause paint scuffing, the occasional gouge that must be filled and well defined cracks; all of which can be repaired on your doorstep

Mirror Housing Replacement - Broken Wing Mirrors
Another common problem is damage to wing mirrors and their housings which are often replaced via parts from a used car part supplier. Replacement wing mirrors may not match your car colour and can easily be re-coloured to match in by a mobile SMART repair company covering Whitley Bay and Seaton Sluice

Vinyl Trim Repair Ready for Sale
When selling your car, all those little annoyances you've lived with such as the key scratch to your dashboard or a burn mark from a dropped cigarette can lose hundreds of pounds off the resale price if left unrepaired; especially if noticeable. Get a quote to have the vinyl retouched - it's cheaper than you think

Car Paint Scuff Repair

Paint Scuff Repairs Whitley Bay

Providing the paint damage is in an isolated are it can be retouched with a mobile repair service in Whitley Bay

Timing Belt Replacement

Timing Belt - Cambelt

Change your timing belt and drive belts when worn or as recommended by your car manufacturer

Performance Brake Discs

Braking Systems

Family Run about or Sporting, Performance Car; brake servicing is important for stopping power

Jaguar Repairs

Whitley Bay and Seaton Sluice Car Services

Oil and Filter Replacement
Regardless of car age; replacing the oil filter and degrading engine oil is a sensible maintenance task for Whitley Bay car owners and can be done at home as a weekend DIY job on cars out of manufacturer's warranty or arrange to have an oil service as part of the recommended maintenance tasks depending on age of vehicle and miles on the clock

Replacing Brake Pads and Fitting New Brake Discs
Hydraulic brake systems use a hydraulic fluid that travels from a master cylinder to the slave cylinders connected to your brake pads. As the brake pedal is depressed it sends fluid into the slave cylinder and a piston begins to compress the brake pad onto the disc. The increasing pressure cause friction which slows down and stops your car. If the pads wear then instead of the high friction braking material the brakes can operate metal-on-metal and cause severe damage to the brake discs. Leaking hydraulic fluid from corroded joints and pipes, water contamination or air locks can also prevent your brakes working properly and should be corrected urgently

Changing Belts - Timing and Drive Belt Change
Manufacturers set a service period to replace timing belts and the drive belts connecting the engine to fans, air conditioning systems, alternators or starter motors depending on engine type and make. When replacing the belt, dont be surprised if a mechanic recommends a kit of parts that replace rollers and tensioners that are likely to fail between services; you may get another 10,000 or 50,000 miles but the additional cost of a parts kit is negligible compared to the cost of stripping down and replacing a failed tensioner or bearing

Headlights and Bulbs
One car part that seems to need changing regularly are headlight, stop light and indicator bulbs. Most of the time these can be relatively simple to replace but some car makes and models make it a little difficult.If you're having problems changing routine parts ask for a quote to have a mechanic fit parts for you

Car Services Tynemouth

Tynemouth Cars

Marden Rd (A193) will take you the short distance parallel to the coast from Whitley Bay to Tynemouth via Cullercoats
Tynemouth Car Servicing

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Blyth Automotive

The A193 goes from Whitley Bay and Seaton Sluice, Northwards through Hartley onto the Links Rd into Blyth following the coast
Blyth Cars

Car Services Monkseaton

Monkseaton Vehicles

Monkseaton Drive (A1148), Marine Avenue or Hillheads Rd (A191) will all take you the short journey from Whitley Bay to Monkseaton
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