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Ford Body and Bumper

Car Body, Interior and and Engine Services NE27

Paint Scrapes and Scuffs
It's all too easy to get small scrapes and scuffs on car body work and they usually look worse than they are: The good news is that many minor scrapes and even bumper cracks can be repaired in Shiremoor without having to send your car into the body shop for a respray and repairs can be carried out at your home

Essential Preventative Maintenance
Modern cars are designed to be more reliable but when things do go wrong it's harder to repair as specialist tools and diagnostic equipment may be needed. Certain jobs such as timing belts, brake pads, brake discs, filters and oil should be done at the manufacturers set intervals to avoid more costly repairs later

Clutch Replacement
Sometimes you may get a warning that the clutch plates have worn by the plates slipping as you start to accelerate or juddering when changing gear. When your clutch is worn there's no option but to replace the clutch assembly

MOT Testing Shiremoor
Check your car several weeks before the MOT, so that you have time to budget for any MOT work that needs carrying out such as a new set of tyres, replacing bullbs or taking care of rust around wheel arches or corroded brake pipes

Diesel Engine Glow Plugs

Diesel Glow Plugs

Poor starting for a diesel engine may mean that you need fresh glow plugs

Replacement Timing Belt

Timing Belt Service

If you buy a used car with partial or no service history; make sure you change the cambelt early to be safe

Blocked EGR Valve

EGR Valves Replaced

Old glow plugs can cause poor engine start and may need replacing for better performance

Clutch Replacement or Repairs

Shiremoor Car Services

How A Clutch Works
The clutch creates a connection between your engine and the drive wheels on your vehicle. In order to keep the engine running while the car is stationary or in stopped in traffic you need to be able to disconnect the driving force from the wheels. Also to keep the engine running efficiently; gears allow you to match engine speed with road speed without having to over-rev the car while driving.The clutch, also allows you to choose a gear on manual cars

Hydraulic Clutch - Master and Slave Cylinder
When you depress the clutch pedal a master cylinder filled with hydraulic fluid is depressed and fluid flows to a slave cylinder that disengages the clutch plate and allows the engine to operate freely

Repairing Reversing Damage in Shiremoor
Have you ever started to reverse the car only to hear a loud crack as you clip a hidden bollard or similar. Those bumper cracks rarely affect the core safety of the car and can be repaired at the kerbside by plastic welding and paint retouching. If it has happened to you, you live or work in Shiremoor and would like a free estimate to fix your car then let us know

Shiremoor Breakdown Repair or Vehicle Recovery

Diagnostic Testing: Fault Codes &The need for Mobile Mechanics - Auto Electricians
There was a time when an auto electrician just needed a good multimeter when your Car Won't Start while todays modern computer controlled ECU-CANBUS systems mean that something can fail and other circuits can help out for a while to keep the car running. In order to help diagnose electrical problems; the systems present a readable fault code which can give vital clues to what needs repairing or replacing so if you have broken down or can't get your car started in the Shiremoor, Backworth, West Allotment or Holystone area you may need roadside recovery services to take you to a nearby garage or help from a mobile mechanic or mobile auto electrician to see if your car can be repaired in-situ

Replacement Battery
Providing the problem is due to a failing battery it's often possible to jump start your car, leave it running for a few minutes and drive to an automotive parts dealer with a suitable replacement battery. If you phone ahead then they can have it ready for you; otherwise get a friend or colleague to collect it for you and replace at home. Certain audio systems may need you to re-enter the codes if the battery has been disconnected

Breakdown Recovery for Shiremoor
If you have the appropriate policy from the AA, RAC, Green Flag etc, they will have your car collected and taken to a garage of your choice, if not, ask the mechanic repairing your car if they can recommend someone as you may get your car picked up for less. At-home repairs can also be undertaken but greatly depend upon where the fault is located - Common causes of electrical "No Start" problems can be attributed to a faulty Alternator or starter motor which can sometimes be difficult to remove and replace if engine access is limited

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