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Nissan Body and Bumper

Car Service and Repair NE28 - Wallsend

New Oil and Oil Filter
One of the routine jobs every car needs is a regular oil and filter change. Not everyone drives a high performance engine running on synthetic lube oil. Most car owners could probablyy get a good level of engine protection with a recommended multigrade oil and fresh filters

Replacing Worn Brake Pads, Discs, and Brake Fluid
Most new cars let you know that the pads need replacing but this can't always be guaranteed, check pads regulary for signs of wear and replace in sets as needed. Brake fluid can absorb moisture and should be replaced as recommended to ensure adequate brake performance

Steering and Tracking
Unevenly worn tyres may suggest a problem with wheel alignment but can also be a symptom of over or under inflation. If your sterring tends to pull to the left or right when driving on a flat, straight roa then you may need the steering corrected

Repairs Only When Needed
Many drivers fear the hidden cost associated with garages carrying out more work than asked for. Seek advice if you're unsure about what is essential maintenance or repair for the problem at hand

Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs Fitted

Changing spark plugs can help ensure a petrol or propane gas modified engine can burn fuel efficiently

Timing Belt Change

Timing Belt - Cambelt

Not something to do very often but it's worth changing the time belt as recommended in the owner's manual

Brake Discs

Brake Pads & Discs

Braking system service: New brake discs and brake pads fitted for Wallsend car owners

Peugeot Repairs

Wallsend Car Services

Repairs to Car Bodywork in Wallsend
Not all bodywork repairs need a trip to the local bodyshop; for instance, a cracked bumper caused by clipping a bollard while reversing may look terrible but most bumpers can be plastic welded if there is no damage to the chassis or fixing points. Colour and texture matching bumper corners isn't too much of a problem either for a SMART Repair specialist and usually works out cheaper than a replacement bumper and colour matching. If you weren't in a car accident, not claiming off the insurance and want an economical repair then ask for a quote

Repairing Burns and Tears in Car Upholstery
Small areas of damage to the dashboard, door panels or car seat upholstery can be repaired without fuss using the services of a mobile cosmetic repair specialist working in the Wallsend area

Paint Colour Matching
When data is available for a particular car make and model, then that can be used as a starting point in the colour matching process, however, age, weather, sunlight and surface oxidation can change the colour from new, an example of this is when cars finished in a pigment red turn a pink colour with surface paint degradation. Ultimately the best car paint repair other than a full respray is when a colour matched repaired area is blended into the surrounding colour so that the eye cannot see the slightest colour change. Also, for Wallsend & Battle Hill car owners wanting a good quality paint repair on a small area without having their car off the road; a mobile paint retouching specialist makes sense

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