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Car Repairs and Routine Servicing for North Shields NE29

Repair On Request
Many drivers prefer to have their car regularly serviced and maintained but some drivers prefer to book a garage in North Shields only when there is something wrong and prefer local mechanics just to quote for the job requested and advise on any other problems identified

Braking System Service
Even though brake pipes are usually stainless steel; you often find areas of exposed pipework and joints start to corrode so that many older vehicles need sections of the hydraulic pipework cut out and replaced. If your car is over seven years old then it's worth making sure your brakes are in good condition. This may also be highlighted as a warning when your car is MOT Tested. Brake pads and discs rarely give trouble if replaced when needed

Oil and Filter Change
Getting the air, fuel and oil filters replaced is a good idea as the filter membrane can become clogged with fine particles, making the pumping system struggle

Wheel Alignment
A juddering steering wheel may suggest a problem with wheel balance but if you find your tyres are wearing on one side it could be a sign your wheel alignment is out

Spark Plug Change

Spark Plugs Replaced

New spark plugs fitted when requested as part of a routine service and engine firing problems repaired

Timing Belt Change

Timing Belt Change

Old engine belts and tensioners removed and replaced including timing belt kits for most cars

Old Lube Oil

Oil and Filter Change

Old oil removed then fresh oil and oil filter fitted to ensure ongoing engine protection

Fiat Repairs

North Shields Car Repairs

Common Car Problems
Some problems are so rare that you may never experience them; others you're almost certain to come across in your motoring lifetime

Dead Battery - Car Won't Start
Sometimes the problem can be a voltage or earth like draining current, other times it can be a faulty boot light that won't switch off but the most common problem when a battery goes flat overnight and the car won't start is that the battery has reached the end of its service life (typically 3 to 4 years) and the internal cells have collapsed

Flat Tyre
It's not common to get a blow out but flat tyres can happen anywhere and anytime - If you carry a spare make sure you have the locking nut socket and tools to change a tyre

Hydraulic Fluid Leak
It's usual for the level on your brake fluid to drop when the brake pads ware but if you check fluid levels regularly then you're more likely to spot the early signs of fluid loss

Worn Windscreen Wipers
Rarely a surprise as they wear gradually but if you can't see in wet weather because the windscreen keeps smeering then it's time to get them changed

Blown Fuse or Faulty Relay
Water, especially salty water can find its way in to cause a short circuit or blown fuse, loose or worn wiring can also cause a fuse or relay to burn out. Change the fuse but make sure it's not a symptom of a more serious fault

Snapped Timing or Fan Belt
Belts wear and should be replaced as recommended, however, occasionally something will happen such as a broken or loose housing that rubs against the belt causing it to fray rapidly. Avoid the obvious failures by checking and changing belts before they become an expensive liability

Locked Out of Your Car
If you want to avoid an expensive bill to get your car going again then make sure you keep a spare or get a spare cut

Bumper Scuffs - Repaired in North Shields
It's so easy to catch the front or rear bumper on a small obstruction while parking and if it cracks you'd think a repair would be expensive; compared to replacing and colour matching your bumper; plastic bumper welding and paint matching is relatively cheap, quick and can be done at your home or workplace anywhere in North Shields

Car Electrical Faults: North Shields Auto Electrical

Car Electrics and Diagnostic Testing
When you're stuck at home because your car engine won't turn over and all you hear is an annoying click it may be time to call for a "Home Start" service if you've got the appropriate breakdown recovery policy, otherwise you should consider an auto electrician able to read the fault codes for your vehicle and diagnose the most likely electrical faults preventing you from getting the car started. Hopefully it's nothing worse than a flat battery, broken relay or fuse and an auto electrician - mobile mechanic may be able to get you running again with a spare battery or their kit of essential fuses and relays. When it requires replacing car make and model specific parts they could order the appropriate parts for quick delivery to return and fit later. If you've broke down in the North Shields and Tynemouth Area then give us a call

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