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Land Rover Tyres and Repairs

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Used Car Bodywork
Cars used regularly suffer from the ravages of driving: small scratches, stone chips, reversing scuffs are all external signs of a car that has been used regularly. Major bodywork damage may need a trip to the garage to repair but most of the usual body repairs could be carried out on your drive by the equivalant of a mobile bodyshop experienced in handling spot repairs in the Gosforth area

4X4 Tyres
The car market seems to be moving in opposite directions with some smaller families opting for the new hybrid electrical motors or small,low emission diesel and petrol engines. Others choose tha large off-road inspired 4 wheel drive vehicles such as Land Rover that can offer comfort, safety and cope with floods and poor road surface. There are several tyre profiles that offer quiet road driving and gripping power for poor conditions

Alloy Wheels and Shock Absorbers
Many car owners fit aftermarket alloy wheels, replacing the standard rim and tyre with a bigger alloy hub and lower profile tyres. It may be worth asking about changes to the suspension system to suite the drive characteristics of alloy wheels over standard wheels

Cylinder Head Gaskets

Cylinder Head Gaskets

Engine repairs including replacing blown cylinder head gaskets and tensioner bolts

Relays and Fuses

Faulty Relays and Fuses

Testing and replacing car electrical relays, fuses and switches for Gosforth car owners

Oxygen Sensors

New Lambda Sensors

Problems with faulty oxygen sensors can cause fuel combustion issues and should be replaced

Toyota Repairs

Gosforth Car Services

Windscreen Wipers Replaced
Routine car maintenance and servicing:- If the wipers don't clear properly and look visibly worn or split it's worth having new windscreen wipers fitted

Wheel Alignment and Tracking
If the tyres are wearing unevenly then it may be time to bite the bullet and have the tracking tested and corrected as badly aligned wheels reduce fuel efficiency and cause rapid tyre wear

Repairs to Wheel Arch Scuffs and Pitting in Gosforth
Small scuffs to the edge of the wheel arch can look unsightly and lead to corrosion so its worth getting scuffs spot repaired by a mobile repair specialist covering Gosforth and Great Park to avoid expensive, time consuming trips to the body shop

Why is an Oil Change Important - Won't Old Oil Still Lubricate
When we talk about lubricating engine oil most people tend to think of a traditional multigrade oil designed to lubricate over a range of engine temperatures. As the engine heats up, so does the lube oil and it gets thinner (the viscosity drops). As oil ages with service, it picks up combustion particles, metal fragments and combustion chemicals that can change the lubricating properties of the oil. For instance, some oil compounds are designed to maintain a monomolecular layer i.e a very thin film of oil on engine parts; as acidic combustion products build up, some of these can break down. The real problem with old oil is that many of the specialist chemicals that are added to maintain and protect the engine from moisture and corrosive combustion chemicals are used up long before the oil ceases to lubricate, hence it's worth getting a mechanic near Gosforth to change your oil regularly rather than risk engine problems caused by acidic corrosiion or moisture contamination

Car Services Jesmond

Jesmond Auto Repairs

Go through South Gosforth then head for Jesmond or Go Along the Great North Road
Jesmond Cars

Car Services West Moor

West Moor Cars

Head Towards North Brunton past Melton Park then along Sandy Lane or go via Longbenton
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Car Services Cramlington

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Through Wideopen and Seaton Burn or try Salter's Lane past Camperdown and Annitsford
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