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BMW Repairs

Car Body Repair Work NE30

Auto Body Repairs at Home in Tynemouth
There are a number of car repairs that can be carried out on your doorstep in the Tynemouth and Cullercoats area so that if you live or work in Tynemouth, then the repairs can be booked in. Many minor repairs will only take a few hours

Plastic Bumper Repairs: Cracks, Gouges, Scuffs and Scratches
Front and rear bumpers seem to be exposed to all sorts of accidental damage from stone chips, parking and kerb damage. Low speed impacts may cause minor cosmetic damage that can easily be repaired without a trip the a nearby bodyshop as bumper cracks can be plastic welded and colour matched far a low cost repair as the bumper does not need to be removed and only the damaged area is refinished

Key Scratches and Minor Scuffs to Car Door Panels
After bumper damage, car doors seem to suffer from a range of minor sratch and dent problems from doors opening onto barriers, kerb edges or doors on adjacent cars being caught by wind and clipping your car door in a supermarket or shopping centre car park

Wheel Arch Damage
Apart from edge corrosion, the car wheel panel edge can often get damaged from spin out of road debris being picked up by car wheels

Cracked Bumper Repaired

Cracked Bumper Repairs

Mobile body repair services around Tynemouth, Marden and Cullercoats for SMART Repairs to most vehicles

Replace EGR Valves

EGR Valve Cleaning

Blocked EGR valves full of soot and oily deposits cleaned and damaged valves replaced

New Pads

Brake Pads Fitted

Family car or performance sports car; most brake pads and discs replaced in the Tynemouth area

VW Repairs

Tynemouth Car Repairs

Cosmetic Damage to Car Interiors
We've covered some of the common exterior repairs abaove. Car interiors can be a problem to repair and it can work out quite expensive replacing upholstery or viny panels and plastic dashboards. Luckily, SMART Repairs help you cover up that scratch or repair a burn mark to most vinyl dashboards as well as helping to match the surface texture. Small holes in seat upholstery and door panels can also be repaired quite easily at your home or workplace in or around Tynemouth

Alloy Wheel Retouching
It's quite common for a front or rear wheel to get scuffed where it just clips the kerb and can prove unsightly. Selling your car with an imperfect set of alloy wheels can also impact considerably on the price you can get. Most wheel scuffs and kerbing can be repaired without taking the wheel off or removing the tyre so can work out quite cheap to have repaired at home. Extensive damage to multiple wheels may be cheaper to repair by having all your alloys stripped and refurbished at once

Worn Brake Pad Replacement
If you car has been serviced recently so you just need the brake pads changed then a mobile mechanic maybe able to handle the job quite cheaply and quickly without the inconvenience of having to take your car to a garage

Car Tyres Replaced in Tynemouth

Replacing Worn Car Tyres
If tyres aren't rotated then it's likely that the front tyres will wear faster due to braking and steering wear as well as slight imperfections in tracking. For this reason it's common to have the 2 front tyres replaced so that they are a matched pair or where the rear tyres are also showing low tread it can be worth getting a full set of tyres at once

Car Services North Shields

North Shields Car Services

Tynemouth Road and The Broadway A193 are just a short trip into North Shields town centre and run parallel to the Metro Line all the way
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Cars Whitley Bay

Whitley Bay Auto Services

Follow the A193 from The Broadway along past Cullercoats and keep the coastline on your right for a couple of miles until you get to Whitley Bay
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Car Services Shiremoor

Shiremoor Car Services

Head through Preson Grange, past Monkseaton and South Wellfield on the A192 or go past Rake Lane Hospital & New York on the A191
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