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Seat Body and Bumper

Servicing and Repair Benton NE7

Oil and Filter Replacement
As part of the routine preventative servicing it's worth getting the oil and filters changed as recomended in the service manual for your vehicle. Filters get blocked with dust and small particles while the oil scavenging additives that protect against moisture and corrosion eventually get used up

Brake Discs, Pads, Pipes and Hydraulic Fluid
If the brakes have been serviced correctly in the past then brake fluid level will give a good indication of brake wear - If the hydraulic fluid level is low then tha may mean your pads will need to be replaced soon or that there is a potential leak from one or more of your brake pipes or connectors

Timing Belt and Other Belts
If your car has an interference engine then a snapped timing belt will result in considerable engine damage - Check for belt wear regularly and change according to the service manual the losses due to damage are too great to justify the risk of prolongin the use of your engine belts

Essential Repairs
With an older, low value car consider just carrying out essential repairs as needed except for important safety items like belts and brakes

Worn Brake Pads and Discs Replaced

Car Brake Pads & Discs

Worn brake pads can cause damage to the brake discs and braking becomes ineffective

Oil Change

Filters and Oil Change

An oil change is important as lube oil contains protective scavenger chemicals that degrade with time

Clutch Assembly

Clutch Fitting

The high friction clutch surface eventually wears and a new clutch assembly will need to be fitted

Diesel Repairs

Benton Car Services

Engine Oil for Lubricating Moving Parts
Lube oil forms a protective film over moving parts that helps reduce friction and prevent parts rubbing together to cause wear. Oil changes viscosity with temperature and so must be carefully balanced to lubricate whatever the temperature of the engine

Engine Oil Does More Than Lubricate Moving Parts
A good quality engine oil contains detergents, pH buffers and antioxidant chemicals that help keep small particles of dirt and moisture in suspension to prevent sludge build up and help the oil filter remove larger particles. Acidic oxidation chemicals are neutralised by buffering compounds to help reduce corrosion

Old Engine Oil Needs Replacing Before it Degrades Too Far
Oils have improved and the old recommendation of changing your oil every 3000 miles may no longer apply but the oil does degrade and if it is not replaced could start to polymerise and become acidic thus accelerating corrosion of aluminium, steel and cast iron engine components as well as brass and other non-ferrous alloys

Mobile Body Repairs and Car Interior Cosmetics in Benton

Paint Scuff Retouching
Most damage to car bodywork occurs while parking or having someone open a car door onto a bollard or other obstruction. Minor paint scuffs can usually be repaired while the car is parked on your drive rather than booking into a bodyshop

Plastic Bumper Welding
Cracked body-coloured or black plastic bumpers can be plastic welded and minor reversing damage can be repaired with colour matching and texture matching for a professional finish

Alloy Scuffs and Kerbing Repaired
If one of your alloys has been kerbed because the low profile tyres didn't reach kerb height then it can be cleaned and repaired at home or work in Benton so you don't have to remove it from the car

Vinyl and Upholstery Repairs for Benton & High Heaton
Damaged vinyl dashboards and car interior trims can be retouched to hide dents, scratches and small cigarette burns. Minor holes in fabric seats can also be repaired by a SMART repair specialist covering Benton so you don't have to go looking for someone to fix your car

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