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Independant Skoda Garage for Newcastle Upon Tyne

Skoda Fault Diagnosis
Skoda have a reputation for reliability but sometimes things go wrong and we have the tools and experience to find and repair most faults

Skoda Brake Pads and Discs
Some parts are expected to wear such as brake discs and pads so must be replaced regularly for continued safe braking

Skoda Diesel Engine Servicing
Diesel engines just keep on going but minor problems can develop such as problems with glow-plugs needing replacing for an efficient engine start

Skoda Oil & Filter Change
Full or partial service as required: Replacement of engine oil, oil filter, air filters and fuel filter for better performance

Skoda Brakes Newcastle

Skoda Brake Discs & Pads

Skoda Braking System Servicing for Newcastle Skoda Owners and Taxi Drivers

Skoda Electrical Fault

Skoda Diagnostic Testing

If the "Check Engine Light" comes on and you need help, call us for diagnostic testing

Skoda Filters

Skoda Particulate Filter

Skoda engine filters replaced including diesel particulate filters, oil filters and air filters

Skoda Body Repairs

Independant Skoda Garage Newcastle

Škoda History - From Bicycles to Motor Cycles
Václav Klement, A bookseller from Austria-Hungary and Mladá Boleslav, a bicycle manufacturer teamed up to open a bicycle repair shop which lead them to build the "Slavia" motorcycle after advice from Bosch that helped solve problems with the ignition system. Their first motor cycle went on sale in 1899

Fire, Armaments and the Skoda Popular
The company went from strength to strength and within a few years was manufacturing cars and trucks until a fire devastated the factory in the mid 1920s. The company was taken over by an armaments company Škoda Works that had started to diversify into other areas of business and went on to produce the very successful Skoda Popular

Volkswagen after the demise of Communism in Czechoslovakia
The Czech government sought help from other European car manufactures to improve the fortunes of Skoda Auto and in 1991 went into partnership with the Volkswagen Group. Renault were also interested in Skoda but did not value the company, wanting to use it to extend its own manufacturing facilities rather than create a better range of vehicles and bring credibility back to the Skoda name as the Volkswagen Group had proposed