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Tyres North Shields NE29

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Tyre Puncture Repairs and Replacement Tyres for North Shields NE29

Puncture Repairs
Nails, pot holes and general road debris can find their way between the treads of tyres and cause slow punctures that can be repaired in North Shields

Wheel Balancing
When wheels-tyres rotate at speed it's possible for a slight imbalance to cause a judder that spoils driving performance. This can lead to resonance effects at certain speeds. Balancing involves rotating a wheel on statt of the art wheel balancing equipment to identify the optimal point to fit a small weight and correct the imbalance

Part Worn Tyres
You don't always need to buy new cheap tyres to get value for money. A new tyre typically has 8mm depth while the UK legislation states a legal minimum of 1.6mm; meaning the useable tyre tread is only 6.4mm. This equates to about £9 to £10 per mm for average family car tyres. When you can get part worn tyres from branded tyre manufacturers with 4 to 5mm useable tread for quarter of the price of new; it can make a huge saving and provide great value for money

New Tyres to Order
If you want matching tyres then it can be worth paying the extra for new tyres either singly, pairs of tyres or in sets of 4

Rubber Valve Housing

Valve Housing Replaced

When fitting new tyres in North Shields, why not have the valve housing replaced

Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing

Adjusting the balance of Wheel and rim for improved handling with reduced vibration

Alloy Wheel Repairs

Alloy Wheel Scuff Repairs

Scuffed and kerbed alloys wheels repaired to add value and protect from white rust corrosion

Tyre Repairs

North Shields Tyres For Sale

15 Inch Rim - Tyre Profiles
The 15 Inch steel or alloy tyre rim has been popular for many years and still remains one of the best value sizes compared to the low profile, big alloy alternatives

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